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May 3, 2014 7:00am PDT
russia militants sought refuge in the trade union house. it was instantly. we started are still unknown moscow said the clashes were disgraceful. local authorities had arrested more than a hundred people in the incident and called for residents to remain calm let's move on to other world news afghan officials have given up hope of finding any more survivors following a landslide in the remote northeast. it means an estimated two pence and one hundred people have perished in the catastrophe. the aid effort is now focused on more than four thousand people displaced and is concerned that the un stapled hillside in the typist and province maintain it again tripping hazards of homeless people rescue workers. an entire section of the mountain collapsed burying hundreds of homes under modern rock in the valley below. local authorities confirmed that more than two thousand people were killed in a massive landslide. the mind is ten to thirty meters deep with little hope of finding survivors and rescuers are calling for humanitarian aid great now we can only help the displaced people. it is impos
May 2, 2014 6:30am PDT
in russia as the trading prices rumbles on and at the age of rocks once more cocoa powder and radicals are suspected to be behind the nation's charter shake up the supper of the nigerian capital nineteen people have been killed as a car bomb just makes you happy the traffic streets. i welcome today's please update your own food think adds to the ukrainian ministry helicopters had been shot dead during an assault near the rebel held town of the pm this friday to get the cars is confirmed two pilots died. it's the first major operation against progress in the sense that seized government building in a dozen cities across the eastern ukraine. bean pot the kremlin has an answer represents to the president who has been traveling to the eastern ukraine for negotiations. a spokesman on the stinky assault saying is that killed off the east west to beat the court. thompson has more on events. manning barricades on the outskirts of some don't. this all ukrainian national forces launched an operation to retake the eastern town from for russia medicines interior minister on some of the cult paste
May 1, 2014 6:30am PDT
and assistance from russia you're going to be content with most of the moody told you several times. asking the new fiscal year that we don't need much. the two authorities in kiev. there is no doubt russia has sent men and weapons to police for the mario and other separatist leaders in power like some other pro russian leaders memory off admits he used to be part of the soviet army before running on small silk factory. another separatist leader still as member of russian military intelligence according to the eu and the ukrainian authorities. the horse drawn comp who used to live in the shadow now openly says he's behind operations in the separatist provinces of the next two months. only with which to visit with my presence here is a result of the work i did in crimea many comrades turned to me to ask to help bring about the crimean scenario in their native regions of donetsk and inconspicuous to begin each new age the ukraine separatist leaders were recently and known in the provinces they now control the new leader of the so called yes people's republic used to be a security guard sell c
Apr 30, 2014 7:00am PDT
thirteen questions during the top leaders of the extent russia miller is once again confirmed their intention for economic integration for the benefit of all three states. after witnessing the action of austin on moscow and minsk other cis countries be connected to the temple official hit on presented an action plan on joining customs union and a common economic space on tuesday. thus the eurasian economic union to become even wider in the future. i need to learn the top three leading toward integration associations expressed by the president of kazakhstan in the lecture at moscow state university can be achieved by cooperation say russian experts a conference investment of cooperation and investment cooperation between kazakhstan and russia within the framework of the recent economic space was held in moscow that dispenses costly when practical aspects of investment activity between the two countries and prospects for a functioning of the eurasian economic union. many of them live but due to an appreciative. of course we support the position of the president of kazakhstan has
Apr 29, 2014 6:30am PDT
this is the ninety six and brussels partner sanctions against russia on the ground to a russian separatists extend the trip the buildings and tensions remain high in june. as d day comes and it is without a peace deal in the middle east the american secretary of state seeks to diffuser out with israel over allegations he warned it could become an apartheid state. and it was time for fraud says prime minister might add about thirty edt in his address and what he calls encouraging extension from the opposition seeks to that problem. the team continue racing. when considering its share of calls but after russia's deputy foreign minister has said there is no reason to fear or russia will seek to repeat the crimea cru in south eastern ukraine sergei free up call for speaking in the wake of fresh sanctions announced by washington and brussels the european union has just released a list of fifteen politicians and meet readers that it will subject to us that freezes and travel bans washington has unveiled a rough to extend sanctions against moscow. seven more individuals with his ties to the russian presi
Apr 28, 2014 6:30am PDT
is among those tickets the us and eu consider new sanctions against russia over the tensions in ukraine is as pro russian guillotine on holding a team of international observers hostage for a third day. nba am like that person players stephen black sox an arm and back to the team's of honor meant to be made racist comments telling a woman not to bring black people to the games. what you just can't thank you for joining us first to sign the seven hundred people including the leader of the muslim brotherhood have been sentenced to death in egypt has ever supported ousted egyptian president muhammad more see. the court that headed down that verdict also changed some of five hundred other death sentence is handed down last month into twenty five years in prison correspondent catherine stately has more now from cairo. well my ipod i can think of the week. oh and i get men to become of them between thinking that the apa you know he's the one that didn't happen to live in when the teller a can of coke i didn't have to give me get a free gift an open top gear up to the final breakup up to promo
Apr 27, 2014 7:00pm PDT
we got news for months religious schools. we begin in ukraine wept for russia. insurgents today freed on appeal a european ends of the sting helpers know that in the country's east and gippsland outs. we own and that they relate to it in for the first time they gave assurances that they won't be missed treat it with a separate events the crowd of several hundred pro russia activists stormed the regional tv broke off the scent to it don't yet have a good mom that the russian state tv channels people call me an awful such as its national president said douglas roberts isn't done yet. he explains now why this particular episode was released the incident. it wasn't because the negotiations have succeeded is really for medical reasons. the swedish o s that siti daughter was released i had diabetes. i clearly know he probably needed so in awe so they decided to release them. that said staff did not bother osce monitors are still very much still being held at this hour by pro russian separatist indiana town of sloppy on square up. i spent the good part of the afternoon watching and waiting
Apr 27, 2014 7:00am PDT
stories propaganda boulevard. that is the state sponsored russia today programme. us secretary of state accuses rt of distorting intensity of pain but his russian counterpart says it will be washington's reluctance to hear alternative use of striving such accusations. i guess that was immediately
Apr 26, 2014 7:00pm PDT
presidential election but not by enough to avoid a runoff promising to help russia says it will do what it can to secure the release of the team's national observance held by pro moscow rebels in ukraine. still building supplements and release of prisoners the palestinian president gives israel the us conditions. resumption of peace talks. welcome back once we get news are going to loose balls. thank you to join us. the deal with the latest on the afghan presidential election when full preliminary results were released by the independent election commission the north side today. and as expected the former foreign minister abdullah abdullah is in the lead with just under forty five percent all the facts but that's not the fifty percent needed in order to avoid a runoff and second places the ex world bank economists in the form of finance them is that i shot crimea on the inside with around thirty one point five percent of the bible those results will be finalized in mid may will be followed by a rival fifteen days off to travel from all we can speak not to honey pack emu is a need for such on a
Apr 26, 2014 7:00am PDT
a more economic penalties against russia. and to read. he's sixteen international observers saying that nato spot the driest a us president lashes out at pyongyang on a visit to seoul yet here's to making preparations for a fresh new year. and afghanistan awaits the winner was all that this presidential poll that shows there's likely to be a runoff as no candidates across the two percent needed to avoid a second round. as the top stars are falling due to false bank at news from the start with new sanctions for moscow united states and other nations in the g seven have agreed to impose additional punitive measures on russia. in response to its actions in ukraine washington accuses the common and not following through with last week's agreement to de escalate tensions in the east of the country. new sanctions could come as early as monday our washington correspondent book out there gives us a closer look. it will be targeting individuals and entropy. well what about me than to prevent the people of the water at the others fall by the sink or tub after he was rushing back to the indiv
Search Results 0 to 9 of about 10